Lithium Ion Batteries


Lithium Ion Batteries are the new trendsetter for the industry. You might be searching for methods to increase your revenue even further if your crafted product has achieved some market success. Businesses that stop working to grow are frequently left behind as competitors end up being more powerful. While your application might shine in engineering, …

锂离子电池如何有助于满足具有社会意识的客户需求? 阅读更多

car battery


A battery is an essential component of your car and without a car battery, it’s not possible to move your vehicle. The word dead battery is very common in the motor industry. A dead car battery will make you miserable especially if you are stuck somewhere with no way out. An element that can increase …

以2安培的电流为12V汽车电池充电需要多长时间? 阅读更多

Golf cart

锂离子电池提高高尔夫球车性能的 3 种方法

Lithium-Ion Batteries are the best choice and we will learn further in this article why this claim is true. The last thing your customers want to worry about while playing golf is a battery that causes issues. Golf carts that utilize lead-acid batteries typically have numerous problems. For instance, even while on a full charge, …

锂离子电池提高高尔夫球车性能的 3 种方法 阅读更多


Lithium-ion batteries are almost everywhere in modern-day life including in an e bike battery pack. Our laptops, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, and many other things all have lithium-ion batteries. Li-ion battery chemistry is quite vital in these applications due to its high energy density. In simpler terms, li-ion batteries keep an unbelievable quantity of energy …

安全的锂离子电动自行车电池组存储和充电程序 阅读更多


通常,锂离子电池是可靠的。 爆炸案例相当罕见,而且我们主要是在 2017 年才意识到这一点,因为许多三星手机着火甚至爆炸。 但是,任何类型的锂离子电池都可能发生这种情况。 因此,我们将就这个主题进行更多讨论。

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