Medical Battery Solution

The social factors of health care are the conditions in which individuals are born, mature, live, work, and age. It is they that are primarily accountable for health oppressions worldwide. Something that is not extensively considered to be an aspect within the social factors of health, but should be is power. Melasta has provided and strives for the best battery solutions for Medical devices. Medical Devices are becoming smaller in size but effective in work .

Melasta Medical solutions include hearing aids, electronic stethoscope, mobile ECG monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators, anesthesia machines, light curing machines, physical therapy, rehabilitation equipment, portable X-ray film machines, blood glucose meters, stimulators, infusion detectors, orthopedics Immobilizer, thermometer, defibrillator, wheelchair, external pacemaker, blood routine analyzer, electrocardiograph, pulse oximeter, light curing machine, root canal therapy device, ventilator, monitor, oximeter, beauty and Massage fitness equipment and so on.

Melasta Medical Battery Solution Features

Certified Battery Solution

All solutions provided by melasta has got certified by international organizations.

BMS Design and Cell Selection

Melasta offers complete solution including BMS design, cell selectin, and battery housing design

Low temperature type: -50 ℃ ~60 ℃

Melasta offers a wide range of temperature for medical devices from -50 ℃ to 60 ℃

Fast Charging Solution

Melasta Offers quick charge for the battery you can charge the battery upto 5C

Customized Shape

Melasta offer the solution as per customers devices shape requirement.

Light Weight

Melasta try to offer the minimum weight battery solution so medical device and be operated easily

Good Battery Capacity Retention

Melasta Batteries can retain the capacity for longer time with higher DOD.

Multiple Application

Hearing aids, electronic stethoscope, mobile ECG monitors, infusion pumps, and ventilators

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