Tips to Prolong A Lithium Ion Battery Life

All batteries eventually die, but Lithium Ion Battery life is longer with this you are investing in a product with lifespans that surpass those of lead-acid batteries significantly. You need your battery’s life to extend for the most time to get the largest return on your investment in lithium batteries. Luckily, there are some measures that guarantee you get the most lasting battery life for a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The 3 ways to prolong your battery lifespan include charging your battery appropriately, thoroughly saving your battery, and paying close attention to your battery’s depth of discharge (DOD).

Charge Your Lithium Ion Battery Properly

Your lithium ion battery is an investment, which implies that you must do your finest to charge it the proper way. Assess the method you are charging your battery based upon these requirements:

One major advantage lithium-ion provides is rapid recharge. Maximum 12 V battery lifespan is made sure by charging at the correct voltage. 14.6V is an ideal practice for charging voltage while making sure amperage is within the requirements of each battery pack. Many AGM chargers that are available charge between 14.4 V to 14.8 V, which is reasonable.

Store with Care for Longer Lithium Ion Battery Life

With any tool, appropriate storage has a crucial impact on the lifetime of the item. Preventing extreme temperature levels is crucial to your battery’s life. When you are keeping your lithium-ion battery, abide by the suggested storage temperature: 20 ° C (68 ° F). Negligent storage causes parts to be damaged and results in a much shorter battery life.

When you are not utilizing your lithium-ion batteries, store them in a dry place at about 50 % DOD.

Do Not Ignore Depth of Discharge

Before charging your battery, you might be lured to let the system exhaust all of its energy. Actually, it is more suitable for your lithium-ion battery to prevent a deep DOD. By restricting your DOD to 80 % (12.6 OCV), you are extending the cycle life.

It’s important to preserve the health of your battery through thorough care when you’re making a financial investment in lithium-ion batteries over lead-acid ones. Taking these actions to safeguard your battery not just provides you extra energy for your cash, however it also keeps your applications working for more time on green power.

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