How and Why lithium Batteries Explode?

Usually, Li-ion batteries are dependable. Cases of lithium Batteries Explosion are reasonably uncommon, and also, we became aware of it mainly in 2017 since many Samsung phones caught fire and even exploded. However, this can happen with any kind of Li-ion battery. So, we will discuss more on this subject.

What causes a Lithium Batteries Explosion ?

To totally comprehend how to reduce the threat of battery explosion, it’s essential to recognize the causes for such a response. In rare cases, it’s due to a number of elements that need to integrate to cause an explosion; it’s not only due to a battery.

Firstly, in most identified cases, there’re 2 causes for such an event; either the charger utilized is not original or the battery is not original. One more vital factor is that lithium batteries present in our tools suffer from “thermal runaway”. In simple terms, the battery overheats quickly and then it explodes. This is common reason of lithium Batteries Explosion .

Apple has actually dealt with this on numerous occasions, resulting in the explosion of 2 iPhones in Apple stores, and also of an iPad. To counter this impact, producers have executed a system to stop overloading. As soon as the battery is completely charged, it has to stop building up energy, and also for that reason it warms up if kept on charging.

The issue is that batteries are getting thinner and what serves as a separation between negative and the positive plates of a battery is also getting thinner. There’s less space for chemical substances to flow in between these 2 plates, as well as it only takes a bit of this to create an unforeseen reaction. Therefore, this sort of reaction can occur from overloading. That’s what appears to have actually occurred in the case of most phones.

Typically, reliable makers make sure to place some type of fuse system to avoid overheating. It lowers the chances of loading the gadget and therefore avoids any kind of risk. However occasionally, to save cash, they do not think twice not to insert this kind of fuse system in the batteries, which results in an explosion.

How vape batteries explode?

The batteries of the electronic vaper or cigarette and lithium normally don’t explode however as a result of overheating they discharge totally spontaneously, creating an energy leak like pyrotechnic fires, which might create burns, yet not specific explosions. so there are not so many cases of lithium Batteries Explosion for vape.

Exactly how usually lithium batteries explode?

Batteries explosion is very unusual. Now let’s discuss the primary subject of this blog: the reasons lithium batteries blow up quickly. This can happen because of a short circuit. A Li-ion battery has 2 electrodes, the cathode and the anode dipped in a conductive fluid known as the electrolyte. Between these 2 electrodes, there’s a separator. Lithium ions pass from one electrode to the other through this separator when you discharge a battery or charge.

When this circulation of ions is quite quick or unsteady, a lot of energy is delivered rapidly, creating an exothermic response (release of energy), and also the electrolyte could ignite. The pressure inside a battery increases, as the flaming liquid spreads, resulting in explosion or swelling. Now, we discuss thermal runaway. That’s why Li-ion batteries should not be charged (and discharged) swiftly. Batteries of this kind can additionally ignite in case they’re overcharged, for instance, due to the incorrect voltage. That’s why it is better to always use the right charger.

Specific production defects can likewise trigger abnormal actions of a lithium batteries explosion. Poor quality welding can, as an example, result in an electrical resistance issue. If you have ever before used a couple of electronic devices, or if you have actually simply made use of an electric heater, you understand that electrical resistance can result in heating issues.

In a battery, if there is more resistance, the temperature climbs, and also this can result in ignition of the electrolyte and also the repercussions we discussed before.

How to avoid battery explosions?

It is suggested to take some preventative measures on your own to avoid being shocked by a fire during the night. It might appear restrictive, particularly when you have particular routines. We all unconsciously make lots of mistakes while using our phones.

Most individuals charge their mobile phone overnight whilst they sleep, to ensure they have full battery life the next day. Here are some suggestions to prevent lithium batteries explosion:

  1. Do not wait up until the battery is at its lowest charge to recharge the smartphone. If you charge when the battery has gone below 50 %, there is more chance that the lithium batteries will heat up more.
  2. When a phone is charging, ensure to place it in a well-ventilated location. Those people who reside in high-temperature areas need to place their smartphones under a fan while it is charging. Prevent putting your phone near a mattress, as an example, since overheating can result in a fire. People should also avoid putting their phones under their pillows since they can heat up quickly.
  3. Do not utilize a battery that comes from a producer or manufacturer who is not reliable. Although these batteries can be cheaper in price, they are “cheaper” in quality as well since there are fewer safety measures. A more affordable battery can likewise get too hot, and we understand where that leads. It’s far better to invest a couple of tens of bucks or a lot more to keep your mobile phone, as well as incidentally your house or apartment intact.


You are now nearly battery explosion specialists. By following these suggestions, you must find yourself in a relaxing situation. If you don’t remember these tips and keep on charging phones without following these tips, you can cause a battery explosion.

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