Charging Two 12V Batteries in Series: Solar Battery Charging

To charge two 12V batteries in series you need to do some things such as inspect jumper cables. Jumper cables are made use of to link the batteries with each other and they are generally available in 2 colors which are normally red (utilized for positive) and black (utilized for negative). Inspect the charger (12 V). This tool is utilized to charge batteries. Chargers regulate the current that flows in the batteries whilst charging. Inspect the charger clip. They are there to connect the batteries to the charger and also to hold the link strongly. It’s one of the most vital devices to charge batteries in series. Check handbooks of batteries. They can be used to find information on the batteries like recommended charging voltage, usage, specs, and manufacturer details.

You must make use of safety goggles while charging batteries for shielding your eyes from getting harmed in the procedure of charging.

Charging Two 12V Batteries Together

In case you need to charge 12V batteries together first check out the specs of your batteries. Before commencing the charging process for your batteries see to it that your 12V batteries are actually 12V. These specs can usually be seen on the sides of these batteries. The details box usually shows the voltage and amperage needs of the batteries.

Now, arrange the 2 batteries in the exact same positioning. Place both the 12V batteries in such a way that they can be charged in a similar direction. This is vital to charge the two 12V batteries in series. It’s basically done to make the connection simpler. The batteries could be arranged beside each other in a way that the batteries have a similar alignment due to the fact that it permits to develop an easy and efficient connection of cables.

You must recognize the negative and positive terminals of the batteries. This will help to shield the batteries from damage. If you attach the incorrect terminals together it can damage your battery in some cases.

After this, link the batteries with each other. You must link the 2 12V batteries along with the assistance of battery cables to link the negative terminal of a battery to the +ve terminal of the other one. Now, link the battery charger clip to a battery by clipping the -ve charger clip to the -ve terminal of a battery and the +ve charger clip to the +ve terminal of the other one. Ensure that the battery charger clip is correctly clipped to the battery terminals.

After attaching the battery charger to the batteries, to prevent any type of damages, you should ensure that the charger is put further away to keep the cords away from batteries. Placing the charger far away from the batteries will reduce the possibility of damage to the batteries in the instance of any kind of leakage of sulfuric acid. At a neutral point prior to charging, the battery charger must be placed directly below or above the batteries. In case the batteries are connected with each other in series, their voltage is added whilst the current is constant. So, in case you link 2 12V batteries in a series connection, the resulting output voltage will be 24 V.

At this moment, you can start charging the batteries. Now, you just need to connect the charger to a switch. Additionally, make certain that the source utilized for connecting the charger to power is sealed with a 3 pronged cable. Do not make use of an extension cord or an adapter as the current flowing through the charger is substantial and can conveniently blow up the extension cord and the adapter.

Now, leave your batteries till they’re completely charged. You can stop the charging process once you reach the manufacturer’s specified charging time. You can additionally examine this by seeing the charge indicator on the charger which indicates when a battery is completely charged.

Charging Battery in Series or Parallel?

A parallel link is ideal for several electrical applications due to the fact that it permits the batteries to operate constantly also if one of them is harmed. But this is not always suitable for applications. You need a specific voltage. A good balance of amps and voltage is needed if you desire your solar array to work efficiently.

Solar Charging Batteries in a Parallel Connection

If you attach solar batteries in a parallel connection, the +ve terminal of a battery is linked to the +ve terminal of the other one. The +ve wires are attached to the +ve connector and the -ve wires are attached to the -ve connector in a combiner box. When several batteries are connected in a parallel connection, it is called a PV output circuit. Connecting solar batteries in a parallel setup increases the current, but the voltage remains the same. So, in case you link the same batteries in a parallel setup, the voltage of the entire system will be the same, but the current will increase.

Linking the solar charging batteries in a parallel setup permits you to possess even more solar batteries that create energy without enhancing the voltage limitations of your inverter. The inverters have amp limitations, yet you can go over these limitations by linking your solar batteries in a parallel connection.

Verdict on Charging Two 12V Batteries in Series

The most crucial point to consider is that linking your batteries in a series connection will increase the voltage and linking in a parallel connection will raise the amperage. Both the amperage and voltage are quite important to consider when a manufacturer designs a system, particularly for finding an inverter that is suitable and works best for the situation. Mostly, a solar installer will design a system having both parallel and series connections. This is really valuable for functioning at higher voltages as well as amperages, without overpowering an inverter, so that the solar batteries can function efficiently.

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